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The MATCH Corps is a one-year Urban Education fellowship program. It is possibly the most competitive such program in the nation, more competitive than admission to the Harvard Graduate School of Education or Teach for America.

Elite recent college graduates from excellent universities across the country commit one year to public service in Boston. They are assigned 6-7 MATCH students at the beginning of the year, with whom they work in small group or 1-on-1 tutorials over the course each day, doing close academic support and building relationships. They receive housing and a modest living stipend. After that, some go into teaching; some to med school and law school; and others get involved in public policy.

Participating in the Program: Training lasts 12 months (August through July). Most graduates will go on to become English or math teachers in “No Excuses”-style urban Charter Public Schools (though we hope some go, in teams, to reform-minded principals in traditional high-poverty public schools). Upon graduation, residents commit to two years of full-time teaching in an urban public school.

The program aims to provide would-be teachers with the skills they need to address a variety of possibilities. Trainees are exposed to the proven methods and experiences of past graduates in order to meet the high level of MATCH.

Visit http://www.matchschool.org/matchcorps/teacher.htm for more information on how to participate.




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Similar to Teach for America, the Urban Teacher Residency United aims to improve education within the United States by preparing a new kind of dedicated teacher in order to transform schools and education nationwide.

In 2004, the nation’s existing Urban Teacher Residency programs – located in Boston, Chicago and Metro Denver – created an informal partnership to exchange best practices, share programmatic innovations and promote the concept of residency-based teacher preparation at state and federal government levels. From this initial partnership, Urban Teacher Residency United (UTRU) emerged as a collective effort to launch and support high-functioning Residency programs in high-needs urban districts. The success of our network can be attributed to a shared set of core values — through the open exchange of feedback, results and innovations, UTRU and its partner programs are setting the standard for urban teacher preparation nationwide.

If you’re serious about improving the odds for every student – changing lives and communities in the city you care about – there’s no better way to begin your career in teaching. Graduates of Residency programs enter the classroom with the practical learning, hands-on experience and support network they need to make an immediate impact. It’s a difference every one of their students can feel.

Website: http://www.utrunited.org/

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